Lana Marinenko

Lana Marinenko

Lana Marinenko is a wedding dresses brand which was founded 10 years ago by a young designer Lana Marinenko.

Every dress is made using modern technologies and high quality materials. Strict attention to details, minimalism, conciseness and elegance are the basis of each collection!

In addition to aesthetic and beauty, Lana focuses on the lightness and comfort of dresses. It is important to her that every dress should be as airy and breathable as possible and that the bride feels comfortable in it.

To this end, the designer decided to make transforming dresses and created very comfortable patterns of corsets-bodysuits that are very light and perfectly fit every figure.

Each dress by Lana Marinenko is a reminder of how a little girl’s dream can become a reality.

Price range : 1200 -2500 euro

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Lana Marinenko

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